PHEASANT ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning


Pheasant integrates process, data and organisation resources. This MIS involves HR , accounts and sales.
Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP. ERP systems use the same database throughout an entire company to store various types of data for different computerized functions. ERP systems are used for large manufacturing companies and all sizes of companies, even those that are quite small.

  • HR - A human-resources department (HR department) of an organization performs human resource management.
  • Accounts - An accounting department provides accounting services and financial support to the organization it belongs to.
  • Sales - Marketing functions include research and development, pricing,customer service, sales and communications.
  • Inventory - Inventory Operations management refers to the administration of business practices to create the highest level of efficiency possible within an organization
  • MOM - minutes of meeting are the live written record of a meeting. They include the list of attendees, issues raised, related responses, and final decisions taken to address the issues. Their purpose is to record what actions have been assigned to whom, along with the achievements and the deadlines.


Sub Modules

  1. Masters - In Master HR Maintain All the master data like Department master Designation Master, Company policies documents etc.
  2. Employee Administration - Register new employee, view employee profiles , View employee daily attendance details, employee probation perid approve or extend etc.
  3. Separation - New Sepration request details approval , view old seprated employee details.
  4. Payroll - Initiate and review salary details of employee .
  5. Attendance & Timesheets - Employee mark attendance and admin can view daily attendance details and daily time sheet details.
  6. Leaves - Employee request for leave approval and admin or reporting manager view and give our approval on employee leaves. maintain old leave details.
  7. Pay Salary - Pay Salary to employee after all required approval from this module.
  8. Appraisal - Employee complete our self appraisal by self after than reporting manager and admin give rating and remarks on employee assessments.
  HR - Reports

Employee Administration - Employee List


Employee Administration - Employee Details

Employee Administration - Employee Profile


Appraisal - Employee Appraisal List


Appraisal - Appraisal Form



Sub Modules

  1. Masters - Accounts related master data maintain in this modules
  2. PO-Invoice-Payment - Create new PO and invoices and their evidences maintain . Payment also maintain all log details . pending paid and in transit all payment shown here
  3. Accounts - In this module accountant generate the employee salary, TDS deduction and any other salary related working.
  4. Expense / Reimbursement Details - Manage daily expenses and employee Reimbursement pay and approval Details.
  5. Compliance - All compliance document details.Accountant upload document check status and next document date
  Accounts - Reports

Po-Invoice-Payment Details


Ledger Accounts


Ledger Non - Accounts


Expense Details



Sub Modules

  1. Inventory Masters - Inventory related master data maintain in this modules

  2. Challan Request - Generate new challan from here

  3. Customer - Add new customer or modified customer details

  4. Operation - All the Inventory operation do on this module



Sub Modules

  1. Sales Masters - Sales related master data maintain in this modules

  2. Customers(Client) / Supplier Details - Maintain lead or clients and supplier details

  3. Project - Add new project or modified old project details

  4. Leads or Clients Meeting Details - Sale person create lead maintain meeting MOM details day to day meeting

  Sales - Reports

Lead and Meeting Details


Sale Done Details


Term and Conditions


Minutes of Meeting

Sub Modules

  1. MOM Details - If any meeting with client or supplier user create a MOM details and assign Responsibilities to all activities those identified

  2. Log Details - Maintain old record of MOM with their version number

  3. Activity Status - check day by day status of a activity by Admin or Reporting Manager

  4. Activity Responsibilities - if once a Responsibilities assign to any after that all records maintain by that person whose responsible for that perticular activity

  Minute of Meeting - Reports

Create MOM Details


View MOM Details


Print Single MOM


Print Multiple MOM