Web Applications

Our Web Applications


AdvenourĀ is a community for adventure seekers.It is a platform for sharing your outdoor experiences by writing Adlogues (adventure logues) and finding your adventure buddy/buddies by creating Groups.

School Management System

School Management System is a web application which provides almost every aspect of school management such as attendance, marks, fee, registration, sms, document, transport.

Mosquito Management System

In US the authorities employ professionals for performing Adulticiding and larviciding. This application receives request from the citizens about the location of the mosquito/larva which are then assigned to concerned person. Location is assigned on the Google maps with area to be covered so that the sprayer can get the exact location of the area on their tablet. Event calendar is used to get the overview of the events on daily as well as monthly basis.


With the penetration of technology in every field to improve productivity we developed this application to provide benefits of the erp to smaller organizations with limited needs. The application handles the various facets of an organization like Sales, HR, Operations, Production and Finance to work seamlessly with each other to lift the overall productivity of the organization.


ERP4ACADEMY is a complete package for managing day to day academy needs. It digitizes the way academy manages and helps in managing academy with latest technology. Providing facilities of SMS, Managing student records such as attendance, fee and test makes this application quite useful.

Pariksha Zone

Test Generator is a web portal where one can find huge question bank from class 1 to 12th , can submit questions that one finds good enough to share with others. It also provides online test for students.

Publisher Buddy

Publisher buddy is an online portal for publishing houses for online selling of books. It provides readers interaction and their choice for reading can be determined easily. We also provide various other hidden features also.


CargoPick provides an online platform to connect international freight forwarders for buying and selling freight services online. CargoPick also connects businesses which deals in international trade such as importers, exporters, manufacturers and distributors. The vision of CargoPick is to bring transparency and consolidation while providing competitive freight quotes at the click of a button.


YYAN is a problem solving tool for handling of complaints and horizontal deployment for the same if applicable. It is based on the 8D problem solving methodology.